How Jimmy murdered overwhelm and generated 6 figures in online course sales…

From struggling to afford a night out to the movies w/ his girlfriend to 6 figures in sales and multiple successful online courses and digital programs.

Jimmy Tran started a charity to provide clean drinking water for places that didn’t have it. He dedicated so much of his time and energy to this charity that he started to run out of money to pay for the simple things in life, like taking his girlfriend out for dinner or to a movie or going out to dinner.

In 2015, Jimmy decided it was a time for a change and joined V1.0 of the Your Epic Launch Academy program.

He learned how to turn the skills he acquired from building & marketing his charity into an online course that he could sell to other online businesses who wanted to learn how to market their businesses online.

But, it didn’t go smoothly at first. Like most people, he struggled with overwhelm and lack of focus for several months after joining the program.

Eventually he finally realized what he was doing and decided to kill all of side projects that weren’t producing a return for him, and he went 100% into creating and launching his own digital program.

Fast forward to today, he’s been featured on top ranked podcasts like Entrepreneur on Fire and has teamed up with a couple other experts to help them create their own digital programs. One of them has already done 6 figures in sales.