About Peter Beattie

Peter Beattie is an expert at helping entrepreneurs to launch or grow their business w/ digital products and video marketing. Peter's flagship program is called The Your Epic Launch Academy (or "The Academy") and his students typically sell online courses, software, or membership sites.

The Academy teaches people like you how to pick a profitable niche where you can successfully sell digital products, how to create those products quickly with minimal up-front effort or cost, then start generating consistent sales w/ automated funnels.

The goal is to help you build a digital product brand around your knowledge, skills or interests, greatly increasing the speed of your results AND how to become a leader in your niche even if you do not currently have an audience or any customers.

If you are currently running a service business, you will learn how to "productize" your service into a digital asset that will allow you to impact more people while spending less time working.

The Academy is a 6 week program. It helps new or experienced entrepreneurs to go from idea to product creation to making sales EXTREMELY quickly. The accelerant is defining your desired business & life 1 year from now, then designing and executing on the plan to bringing that desired reality to life.

The best thing about the digital product business model is that it takes very little capital to get going. The only thing you need to run your business is a laptop, a cell phone and an internet connection...allowing you to work from almost anywhere.

When combined w/ Peter's automated traffic and conversion funnel strategies, the end result a high margin business that doesn't require you to be "clocking hours" to generate revenue.

Peter invites you to register for his Free "Freedom Engine Revolution" webinar training to see if The Academy is the right fit for you.

Peter Beattie

Founder of Your Epic Launch

Convert Your Skills, Knowledge or Obsession Into Highly Profitable - Freedom Producing Digital Products

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